Salmonella typhimurium

2nd Meeeting on Global Microbial Identifier in Bethesda, Maryland, USA

NCBI Rapid Analysis of Microbes Workshop - a joint NCBI /FDA one-day workshop organized by the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN/FDA), and held on 26 October 2011, at Lister Hill Center (NIH Bethesda, Maryland campus), in Maryland, USA.

This workshop includes a community of researchers investigating pathogenic prokaryotes and will highlight the current capabilities and generate a discussion on the reguirements for the rapid analysis and trace back of prokaryotic pathogens to support public health: what current resources including databases and analytic tools exist at NCBI or externally what ressources can be shared, what resources may need to be developed, what standards such as biological metadata are required or need to be developed in order to facilitate the rapid sequence, annotation, and analysis of pathogens during outbreaks that will enable scientist to rapidly react and potentially deal with biological threats in real time.

Agenda for the 2nd meeting (pdf)

Report on the 2nd meeting (pdf)
23 MAY 2024