13th Meeting on Global Microbial Identifier in Vancouver, Canada

The 13th meeting of Global Microbial Identifier will be held in Vancover, Canada on September 13-15, 2023.

The conference brings together scientists from around the world to discuss challenges and solutions for microbial genomics data sharing. The GMI13 Program Committee is pleased to announce that the next Global Microbial Identifier meeting will be held in downtown Vancouver, Canada on September 13-15 2023 (both in-person and online).

The meeting will explore the technical and social/ethical/legal aspects of microbial genomics data sharing, including mechanisms, initiatives and solutions for:

  • building interoperability of systems and datasets
  • data governance 
  • building equitable partnerships 
  • sustainability 
  • coordinating different efforts around the globe

Further details regarding the program and registration will be available soon at
22 JUNE 2024