Marion Koopmans, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Marion Koopmans is a veterinarian by training, with specialization in internal diseases and a PhD in virology. She has worked in academic veterinary and human medicine, as well as public health with a 3 year stay at the US Centers for Disease Control in veterinary.

In 2006 she was appointed as professor of Public Health Virology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In 2014, she accepted the position of head of Department of Viroscience at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. Her research interests include enteric viruses, food-borne infections, emerging disease preparedness, and infections at the human-animal interface, with a particular focus on unraveling mechanisms underlying possible emergence of new health threats and optimizing the early detection and response.

She is interested in pursuing the potential applications of novel technologies for enhancing laboratory capacity for infectious disease across the globe, with a strong emphasis on translational activities to facilitate use in clinical and public health settings regardless of level of development.
23 MAY 2024