About the GMI Proficiency Tests

GMI is a global, visionary taskforce of scientists and other stakeholders who share an aim of applying novel genomic technologies and informatics tools to improve global patient diagnostics, surveillance and research, by developing needs- and end-user-based data exchange and analysis tools for characterization of all microbial organisms and microbial communities.

Why participate in the GMI Proficiency Test?

The proficiency test (PT) represents an important tool for the evaluation and production of reliable laboratory results of consistently good quality within the area of DNA preparation, sequencing, and analysis (e.g. clustering).

What is the GMI PT?

This inter-laboratory performance test is provided to facilitate harmonization and standardization in whole genome sequencing and data analysis, with the aim to produce comparable data for the GMI initiative. 

About the GMI Proficiency Test 2017

About the GMI Proficiency Test 2016

About the GMI Proficiency Test 2015


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