Rome, Italy

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Monday 15 Feb 16

Technical Meeting on the impact of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) on food safety management - within a One Health Framework


23-25 May 2016

FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy

The Meeting is conducted in collaboration with FAO.


GMI is an informal global, visionary taskforce of scientists and other stakeholders who share the aim of making novel genomic technologies and informatics tools available for improved global patient (and food) diagnostics, surveillance, research and public health response. This will be achieved by promoting and facilitating needs‐ and end‐user‐based data exchange and analysis tools for characterization of genomic information from all microbial organisms and microbial communities.

Following the successful format of GMI8, GMI9 will replicate the format of the meeting that consists two parts: 

  • A one-day programme, targeting food safety managers and assessors around the world to exchange information on the impact of WGS/NGS on food safety management, for consumer protection, trade facilitation and food security.      


  • The two-day programme follows which includes five GMI working groups, presentations by international experts and interactive discussions.

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