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News from working groups 3 and 4

Wednesday 29 Jan 14

Working group 3: Ruth E. Timme was part of the NCBI data-in/data-out sub group. Working group 4: Work progress is according to the road map. Read more obout both working groups below.

Working group 3

Ruth E. Timme was part of the "NCBI data-in/data-out" subgroup. Fall 2013 achievements:

  1. Successful CLC Bio plugin developed for transfer of genomes from Basespace or a local drive to the SRA database via the CLC Genomics Workbench software.
  2. Publication of in-house python scripts for upload of MiSeq data to SRA:
Work group 3 chairs

Chair: Marion Koopmans, 
Co-chair: Marc W. Allard,

Working group 4

In WG4, work progress is according to the road map. The conducted survey were closed and data are currently being assessed. An outline of tasks and time have been agreed upon between the writers of the report/scientific paper. The scientific paper/report have tentatively been scheduled for submission in ultimo April 2014. Two temporary sub-WG’s have been formed to work directly:

  • By providing the various documents (guidelines, SOPs etc) to facilitate the proficiency testing
  • To discuss in details how to analyse the dry lab data. Several conference calls have been scheduled for January!
  • Additionally, the WG is currently engaged in locating/selecting suitable reference material. FDA has already located the majority of the data for the dry lab component and a list of potential target organisms have been created for the wet lab component. The WG has also been in contact with the US NIST discussing the utility of already prepared reference material for the use in the GMI PT

    Work group 4 chairs

    Chair: Rene Hendriksen,
    Co-chair: Errol Strain,

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    27 SEPTEMBER 2020