GMI legal aspects

GMI discussions on the juridical and political aspects defining conditions for a global database

Tuesday 22 Apr 14


Vibeke Dybdahl Hammer
Administrative Co-ordinator
National Food Institute
+45 35 88 64 20

Workgroup 1 has drafted a discussion paper to support the discussion about legal aspects to be considered around the GMI initiative and the setting up of a global database.

Since we intend to develop fertile ground for the creation of a database and its connecting structures/software, which should handle sensitive data, it would seem prudent to consider  such issues at an early stage.

Sensitive data includes:

  • patient information
  • information that is sensitive because of commercial and political interests
  • information that may hold intellectual property rights
  • information and use of data for which GMI may be hold liability in case errors are introduced

GMI legal aspects mind map

The mind map above shows in a schematic way the issue at hand, and suggests an order of consideration, As background information we will post the discussion paper on the GMI SharePoint member site in preparation of the discussions at the GMI7 conference in September in York.
27 NOVEMBER 2020